How Infectious Diseases Can be Treated via Telemedicine

Occurrences of infectious disease are on the rise in the US, but not all hospitals and clinics employ infectious disease specialists as part of their full time staff. Especially in rural and underserved areas, patients are not getting the diagnosis and treatment they need for infectious diseases. Telemedicine services like Online Doctor Visit are stepping in to provide patients with the personalized care they need. Our online telemedicine services allow our patients access to the experts and...

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The Benefits of Using Telemedicine for Addiction Treatment

The increasing number of negative statistics regarding chronic diseases in the United States is preposterous. Due to the lack of medical resources, access, and care in rural and poor areas, this number is only snowballing. Not only does this pose a substantial challenge in diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, it also adds to the trend of healthcare issues. The challenges are rooted in the deficiency of available transportation, distance, and scarcity of healthcare professionals. One ...

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Ask Doctor Internet with Online Doctor Visit

An evolving world and medical field beckon our creativity. As people become more engrossed in their jobs in order to fulfill increasing demands and free time seems to disappear like quick sand, we’ve been forced to forge new paths. You may be familiar with the term “telemedicine,” which isn’t a new concept, but it has only come to radical fruition in recent years. It was actually first used in 1967, but with technological advances, it’s becoming not just a trend, but a necess...

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What Makes Us One of the Best Online Doctor Consultation Sites

Life seems to keep getting busier and busier, and once the vortex of never-ending to-do lists sucks us in, it’s hard to climb out. Then, you add your own sore throat and runny nose to the pile, and you’re ready to pull your hair out. All you need is the icing on the cake: an irritable, sick child that requires the nonexistent fuel left in your tank. Now is when we step in. Instead of trekking out to a doctor (and waiting in line), you can see a doctor from the comfort of your own home. Y...

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Chat with a Doctor Online about Embarrassing Intimate Issues

Sexual dysfunction can result from any psychological or physical issue. In fact, anything that keeps you or your partner from enjoying full sexual satisfaction can be categorized as sexual dysfunction. Once properly understood, it’s apparent that sexual dysfunctions, ranging from erectile dysfunction and low libido to premature ejaculation and performance anxieties, don't have to be embarrassing intimate issues at all.

Although male sexual dysfunction is common, especially as men age, ...

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Benefits of Telemedicine for Teens and Adolescents

Telemedicine for teens is on the rise in popularity among those in the teen years who need medical care. Utilizing this technology through our company for adolescents and teenagers can alleviate strain on the already busy schedules of the patients and their parents. All consultations through Online Doctor Visit’s telemedicine program are 100% HIPAA compliant. The use of telemedicine through Online Doctor Visit can also prevent potential medical, anxiety or mental health conditions, as well...

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How Much Does an Online Doctor Visit Cost?

New subscribers to our telemedicine service are sometimes initially unsure whether or not the monthly Online Doctor Visit cost of $19.95 per month will be worthwhile over the long term. While each visit is only $29.95 for members—a rate that even competes with the co-pays commonly charged by HMOs—the real savings you can expect to experience will be more than merely monetary.

In this article, we’ll highlight key ways telemedicine can improve your life, and how those improvements tra...

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Chat Online with Doctors Certified in Your State!

“I don’t have time to be sick!” How many times have you thought this? You feel the familiar discomfort of an illness right when your life is at its busiest. You know you need to see a doctor before your symptoms get worse, but your full schedule won’t pause for a long visit to a clinic or the emergency room. You wish you could simply call up your doctor and explain your recognizable symptoms to get the quick care you need. With the telemedicine services offered at Online Doctor Visit...

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Telemedicine for ALS or Motor Neuron Disease Treatment: A Better Option for Improving Quality of Life

When dealing with the daunting diagnosis of any debilitating, life-limiting illness like ALS or motor neuron disease, comfort and convenience are of paramount importance for patients and their caregivers. While motor neuron diseases require close monitoring and a good working relationship between patient and physician, frequent office visits can become tedious tasks for patients and their caregivers as the patient's mobility becomes increasingly impaired.

The obligation of attending regu...

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Telemedicine Reduces Truck Driver Health Risks

Does a 9 to 5 day-to-day, desk job sound like a snooze fest? Spending every day in a cubicle can be draining, especially for people who fantasize about traveling. The good news is that it’s possible to seek out a career that allows you to roam the world. Some occupations quickly come to mind when you hear the world travel: airplane attendant, cruise line worker, pilot, truck driver, stagehand, and many business-related careers. Here are a few that may surprise you: athletic recruiter...

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