About Us

Our Approach

Online Doctor Visit recognizes the need for revolutionary health care in the form of telemedicine. The trend of on-demand medical treatment is on the rise, and we’re here to fulfill patients’ desires for convenient and affordable telemedicine.

Our company headquarters are located in Fort Worth, Texas, but it’s our mission to provide secure, internet-based medical treatment around the globe.

When you receive medical treatment from one of our trusted network of doctors, you can feel confident that the medical care is accurate and safe. The provider(s) you work with are licensed to practice medicine in your home state. You can rest assured that Online Doctor Visit’s medical network includes only the best and most experienced medical providers available.

Our telemedicine program involves a team of people working to serve you, and we take our jobs very seriously. Telemedicine is quickly spreading throughout the entire world, and our team works cohesively to provide patients with better healthcare than they are currently receiving. It is also our goal to be able to offer medical services to patients who may have never had access to a doctor before.

We aim to reduce the number of hospital visits, specifically Emergency Room visits. In doing so, the telehealth industry is freeing up Emergency Room physicians so they can focus on true emergencies.

Our proven service plan helps our patients obtain a medical opinion while lowering the overall cost of healthcare in the U.S.

Additionally, Online Doctor Visit is 100% HIPAA compliant.