Speak with a Doctor Online: The Changing Face of Healthcare

Believe it or not, in the 1960s, doctors were able to examine patients and dodge Boston traffic when scientists first put telemedicine to use. Engineers joined Logan International Airport and Massachusetts General Hospital by running a microwave line under Boston Harbor. Nowadays, because physicians are led by quicker Internet connections and omnipresent smartphones, communication via phone, video, webcam is more easily facilitated. In crisis situations, physicians can make rapid decisions, ...

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Little Known Reasons Behind the Rise of Telemedicine Consulting

The rise of telemedicine consulting has been meteoric over the last two decades, with patients benefitting from more accessible, convenient healthcare and physicians benefitting from patients seeing better outcomes as a result. With this burgeoning trend showing no signs of reversing, there’s a need for a new type of consultant who can help doctors manage their telemedicine infrastructure: the telemedicine consultant.

Recent surveys have shown that as many as 75% of patients want to beg...

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DO YOU Qualify for Online Physician Consultations?

Telemedicine (and the ability to engage in online physician consultations), has gained popularity in recent years, with patients citing convenience, increased access to care (especially for rural patients and those with limited mobility), and reduced travel times as being the aspects of this care modality they appreciate most.

But what are the conditions that can be safely treated remotely via telemedicine? Clearly if a patient is having a heart attack, they should dial 911, but what abou...

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Telemedicine and Internet Doctor Consults Save Patients Time and Money

Advancements in telemedicine and internet access now allow physicians and other healthcare providers to interact with and treat patients remotely via telecommunication. The extensive benefits of telemedicine include doctors being able to:

extend medical care to rural areas previously too isolated to have access
treat the chronically ill and those with mobility challenges more readily
extend their specialty practices far beyond their geographical sphere. For the majority of telemed...

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The Many Uses of Telemedicine

As medical professionals and patients are both finding, there are many uses of telemedicine and telehealth. Some of the top ways doctors are using telemedicine include:


A shortage of specialists in many parts of the country has poised the tech-savvy cardiology office to adapt to the telemedicine model and begin to fill the gaps. Telecommunications technology enables cardiologists to receive their patients’ detailed information and subsequently work with and manage medicati...

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How Will Telemedicine Consulting Affect Jobs in the Medical Field?

Telemedicine is the term given to telecommunications technology used by physicians and other healthcare professionals to connect remotely to their patients. By now, most of us have taken advantage of telemedicine consulting by reaching out to our doctors using technology. Whether by email, phone calls, video chat, or mobile app, it’s become common practice for us to reach out to our health care providers via telemedicine.

With the rapid growth of telemedicine over the last few decades, ...

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Best Telemedicine Benefits

Telemedicine has been a revolutionary force in the medical field. Though it was originally intended to provide access to individuals who could not directly access medical care, the best telemedicine providers have proven to have positive benefits extending far beyond these humble early goals.

Here is our hand-picked list of the top 6 benefits of telemedicine today.

Improved Access to Providers and Specialists

In keeping with the early stated goal of providing health care access to tho...

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Quality Online Medical Consultation

Online Medical Consultation:

When the wealthy face addiction, they have the resources to place their lives on hold and enter treatment, choose sober living facilities, and remain in outpatient treatment indefinitely. For those with less financial resources, especially in rural areas, there are very few realistic addiction treatment options available.

Treatment centers in rural and poverty-stricken areas are few and far between. Even if a patient were able to find placement in a facilit...

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How does Telemedicine compliment Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the process of helping patients rehabilitate a part of the body or the body as a whole as a result of disease, injury or surgery. Rather than using medication, physical therapy applies the use of heat treatment, massage, and most importantly, exercise, to get patients back to doing the activities they love and restoring their former quality of life.

Many physical therapists feel that their patient outcomes are simply not optimal, for several very valid reasons. Due to a na...

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Telemedicine in Space?

Telemedicine, or the remote monitoring, diagnosing, and treatment of patients using telecommunication technologies, was developed, first used, and fully trusted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, to care for astronauts in space. Astronauts face severe physical challenges in the vacuum of space, including radiation exposure, physiological adaptation to microgravity, extreme temperatures, and the rigors of leaving and re-entering our planetary atmosphere.



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