Benefits of Telemedicine for Teens and Adolescents

telemedicine for teens

Telemedicine for teens is on the rise in popularity among those in the teen years who need medical care. Utilizing this technology through our company for adolescents and teenagers can alleviate strain on the already busy schedules of the patients and their parents. All consultations through Online Doctor Visit’s telemedicine program are 100% HIPAA compliant. The use of telemedicine through Online Doctor Visit can also prevent potential medical, anxiety or mental health conditions, as well as chronic illnesses.

Online Doctor Visit's goal is to bridge the gap between visits with your teenager's general practitioner or pediatrician.

Seeing a doctor online with us is a very simple process. First, as the parent, you'll need to sign up through our portal, which is a very fast process. This process is so expedient that you will be able to initiate a visit with a medical professional within minutes. Each patient can save all personal data within our secure system in order to save time for future telemedicine consultations. You must be at least 18 years old in order to become a member. However, a parent or guardian can create an account for children or teens who are under 18 the age of 18.


After creating an account, you will be able to access the list of medical providers. You can select a physician that is licensed in your state. Our provider list includes each physician’s areas of specialty, qualifications, and patient reviews to provide you with the necessary information to choose the best medical professional for you and your teen.


Once you have selected a physician, you can start your consultation. This consultation will consist of connecting you with a physician (via technological devices) through a phone call, video chat, or email. The next step in the consultation process involves discussion of your symptoms with the physician and a physical examination through video or photographs you share via our telemedicine portal. We recommend a high speed internet connection in order to best serve your needs via telemedicine.


After the consultation, you should follow the treatment plan created by the physician with whom you had the visit. This treatment plan may include taking prescriptions and/or over-the-counter medications. The physician you consulted with through our telemedicine portal will contact your local pharmacy to call in your prescriptions. Once this has been completed, you will need to pick up the prescriptions for your teen at that location.


The goal of Online Doctor Visit’s telemedicine consultations is to bridge the gap between visits with your regular general practitioner, rather than serve as a replacement for an ongoing relationship with a family physician. Continuing regular health checkups with your teenager's regular physician, such as annual physicals, is especially important for young patients who require regular visits and vaccinations required by education systems. As more benefits of telemedicine have become widely known, more coverage for such consultations are covered by various insurance companies. This is beneficial as it saves time and money for the teen patient and his or her family, especially if the medical issue should arise when the only option for medical care is the emergency room at a hospital.


The physicians who consult with patients through Online Doctor Visit’s telemedicine system are qualified in many areas of medicine. This quick and efficient medical tool will assist a wide array of patients, from those who are healthy and require infrequent consultations to those who are chronically ill and require frequent consultations. Whether an adolescent patient requires a consultation for conditions of the body or the mind, our physicians will provide you with expedient, professional diagnoses and healthcare plans through Online Doctor Visit’s telemedicine system.