Best Telemedicine Benefits

best telemedicine
Telemedicine has been a revolutionary force in the medical field. Though it was originally intended to provide access to individuals who could not directly access medical care, the best telemedicine providers have proven to have positive benefits extending far beyond these humble early goals.

Here is our hand-picked list of the top 6 benefits of telemedicine today.

Improved Access to Providers and Specialists

In keeping with the early stated goal of providing health care access to those in remote or rural locations, telemedicine provides improved access to patients in remote areas, patients with limited mobility, and those who do not have transportation to traditional medical offices.

Additionally, patients may find that they are located across the country from the specialist they wish to be treated by. With telemedicine, patients do not have to worry about incurring thousands of dollars in travel costs in addition to expensive specialist fees. Instead, they can consult with a specialist from the comfort of their own home.

Better Outcomes for Patients

Patients who are connected to their providers with the convenience of telemedicine report better outcomes than those who see their doctors in more traditional settings.

For bariatric patients, chronically ill patients, or those with the need for frequent visits with their providers, telemedicine is a convenient option that may ensure that patients connect with their providers with the consistency that gives them the optimal chance for regaining their health whenever it’s possible to do so.

Reduced Cost of Health Care

As we alluded to when we discussed travel costs and specialist fees, medical care can be prohibitively expensive--to provide as well as to receive. Telemedicine is a much more affordable medium for doctors and for patients. Patients are able to access health care at a more affordable rate, and providers save on overhead and equipment costs.

Fewer Exposures to Illnesses

Every time a patient avoids a doctor’s waiting room, they are avoiding exposure to potentially harmful illnesses. This is an especially helpful benefit for immunocompromised individuals, the elderly, and young children, all of whom are at an increased risk for experiencing significant harm when they contract even common illnesses.

Improved Patient Engagement

Patients who are connected to their health care providers via telemedicine report feeling more engaged with their doctor and their own capacity for improving their lives with improved self-care. If patients are able to take their medications regularly, follow their physician’s advice with regards to diet and exercise, and remain in contact with their doctors via telemedicine, it is reasonable to conclude that their increased engagement would lead to improved patient outcomes. And indeed, as we mentioned above, we do see improved patient outcomes with telemedicine.

Meets Patient Demand

The main reason that telemedicine has grown exponentially in the past two decades is that it is meeting patient demand. People are increasingly busy, stressed, and unable to take time out of their schedules for medical care. Via telemedicine, patients are able to schedule appointments at times that work for them, whether that’s early in the morning, late at night, or on a lunch break. With no time required for travel, standing in lines, or sitting in waiting rooms, telemedicine ideally suits the modern busy lifestyle.

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