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What is online doctor visit? This is a situation where the health care sector has taken advantage over the internet and IT. They provide many health services and consultation through online portals. However the concept may seem to be new, but the growing number of investors and users suggest the positive adoption of the online doctor service. The idea itself is quite convenient and efficient. Here in this article are the merits of online doctor consultation;

1. Access

First of all, this is the primary reason for such a service. The ability to have access to a number of medical consultants especially for people living in areas where there are limited professionals is a great opportunity. This proves to be one of the most convenient ways of getting medical assistance from anywhere you wish you want help.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Sometimes when taking a visit to a doctor for consultation leads to one incurring hefty bills. However, with an online consultation, it is cheaper compared to OPD visits. Moreover, this implies other benefits such as no travel expenses; no queuing for help and definitely no missing the office and this results in saving of one’s money.

3. Privacy

Many people are impressed with the online doctor consultancy service because privacy is one thing this service offers. This is well appreciated especially by individuals who suffer from chronic diseases, or they are just in need of discussing any medical condition.

Also, those patients that fear stigma and fear of rejection from the society if they are discovered of what they are suffering from so they find the online doctor visit useful. They can be able to get help in the comfort of their confinement from the rest of the people.

4. Online Consultation v/s Self Diagnosis:

There are times we research medical information which may be to a certain symptom , disease or medical condition through Google. But it is unsafe to depend on on any medical findings that is found on various medical portals to assess one's condition. Self-diagnosis might seem straightforward and easy but can lead to severe health conditions if done wrong.

It is crucial to determine the fundamental cause of your health status with the help of correct diagnosis. In such cases consulting with a specialist online can help clear doubts safely and more efficiently. Also, the internet is filled with many sites providing information on various health issues, but some are not reliable at all. So having a trusted source to offer the right guidance is highly recommended.

5. Be Heard: One of the major concerns among patients is that doctors often end the session in a hurry and do not give them a chance to remove all their doubts. This is mainly due to lack of time at the doctor's end, massive queue outside his office or other engagements that the physician has to take care of. With online consultation, you get the exclusivity to spend maximum time discussing all your issues patiently. There are no distractions or any hurry to finish the session quickly. If a consultation time of 15-30 minutes has been allotted to a patient, he gets to spend the entire time with the specialist.

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